FIND - Design Fair Asia

AMH- Art meets Hart transforms your space into a Masterpiece.  At  AMH, we create artistic value by fusing art and design by collaborating with multiple craftsmen, artists and designers, to complement bespoke concept spaces that are woven into personalised stories that reflect the unique personalities of each client. 


MOON GLEAM - A 400yrs old legacy - melded with glass and stone mosaic, planned with an advanced wind and organized into frescos on roofs and walls with an exceptional age old methods like stone cutting, beaten metal work & Thikri work - hand cut reflect decorated with jewel scallops.

IVORY GOLD DUST - Ivory gold residue is cut out of immortal surfaces and procedures representing high craftsmanship. The venetian delicacy of rose-cut emblazoned and overlaid high quality marble methods with metal surfaces and a complement of mother of pearl trims.

EARTHY IMPRINTS - The designer makes a progression of texturally rich examples for the wall. The method arrives in a broad range of gritty neutrals, which is investigated through materials and high quality procedures, such as wooden embellishing, etching, jaalis and 3D hand surfaces.