Evoke: Mystic Impressions

This show is an experimental and a meditative rendition that ignites and rejuvenates constant change and fluctuating emotions through art and sculpture by P. Gnana with artist value created through fusing art and design on bespoke furniture by AMH. 



EVOKE: Mystic Impressions, a collaboration between AMH Arthouse and renowned Singaporean artist P. Gnana, in an industrial space sponsored by HSL. Probing the dynamic creative process, this show creates a meditative space with bold strokes and flowing sculptures by P. Gnana, that reflects the constant change and fluctuating emotions of life. Sourced from scrap metal, these sustainable art sculptures give industrial waste a new lease of life. Drawing inspiration from the artist, and by fusing art and functionality, AMH unveils its first collection of art furniture designed in-house and incorporating traditional handcrafted techniques. 


EVOKE: MYSTIC IMPRESSIONS is the first local artist-based art show to introduce Art authentication with NFTs

Register Link- https://calendly.com/artmeetshart/evoke-mystic-impressions?month=2022-03