Our expertise is to weave our clients' personalities into visual art stories tailored to their passion and interests. Bringing them to life through the medium of our exquisite amalgamation of contemporary art, design and technology with master craftsmanship that elevates traditional artisanal techniques and connects them to the rest of the world, giving them recognition.

Working with artisians

AMH aspires to harness many traditional techniques that have started to disappear due to the economic pressures of the modern world by combining them with 21st century technology. We collaborate with artisan communities, who have mastered techniques through decades of tribal knowledge and have passed down within families and communities to passionately create products that uphold their tradition and are expressions of their culture. Curating techniques throughout the Indian subcontinent, AMH promotes- Beaten Metal Work, Hand Textured Surfacing, Hand-Painting, Bidri Work, Mirror Work, Embroidery, Tarkashi, Inlay, Sculpting, Embossing, Weaving, Woodcarving, Lippan Art etc.

Weaving Your Story

A visual journey of specially curated interior styles, stitching together the multiple choices of a design board, color palettes, material boards, art boards and, unique accent pieces,helping the client bring out his own creativity to visualise his own space with his own stories.

amalgamation of art & craft

AMH aspires to have a variety of collaborations with craftsmen under one roof and connecting the dots between all these varied creative heads to weave together a story line. This enables AMH to create artistic value to give to the client an unique experience

Final Product

All our products embrace the traditional arts techniques and showcase the blend of creativity with craftsmanship, technology with tradition, Western aesthetics with artisanal techniques from Asia and beyond.