We specialize in designing spaces that fuse functionality with aesthetics including luxury homes, and commercial and hospitality spaces. We also specialize in curating Art for spaces, which involves selecting and showcasing artwork in a particular environment. Our team of art experts understands the importance of selecting the right pieces that complement the space and create an ambiance that aligns with the client's brand or vision. We offer corporate gifting services, which involve providing unique and personalized gifts for corporate clients. Our team understands the importance of creating a lasting impression and works diligently to curate a selection of high-quality gifts that represent the client's brand and values.

Working with artisians

AMH aspires to harness many traditional techniques that have started to disappear due to the economic pressures of the modern world by combining them with 21st century technology. We collaborate with artisan communities, who have mastered techniques through decades of tribal knowledge and have passed down within families and communities to passionately create products that uphold their tradition and are expressions of their culture. Curating techniques throughout the Indian subcontinent, AMH promotes- Beaten Metal Work, Hand Textured Surfacing, Hand-Painting, Bidri Work, Mirror Work, Embroidery, Tarkashi, Inlay, Sculpting, Embossing, Weaving, Woodcarving, Lippan Art etc.

Space Design

AMH is dedicated to designing a range of spaces, including luxury homes, commercial properties, and hospitality spaces. Our team of experienced designers fully understands our clients' unique requirements to develop bespoke designs that exceed their expectations. Our approach is to blend contemporary design elements with traditional craftsmanship to create spaces that are both aesthetic and practical.

Corporate gifting

Our design team is experienced in creating bespoke corporate gifts tailored to our client's unique identities, and our personalized approach ensures that the gifts we design perfectly reflect our clients' identities and gifting occasions. We use premium quality materials and modern design techniques to create elegant and functional gifts that leave a lasting impression on your stakeholders.

Art Curation

Our Art curation arm offers a personalized approach to selecting art pieces that perfectly match our clients' space and aesthetic preferences. From contemporary to classical, we source and curate captivating art to enhance the visual appeal and ambiance of any space. We work closely with our corporate clients to identify the right pieces that align with their brand, culture, and values, and provide end-to-end solutions, including sourcing, framing, installation, and maintenance.